Sunday, 2 August 2015

Say Hello to Jamie!

A few weeks ago I set out in pursuit of finding a co-blogger to join me on bookish adventures here at Queen of the Bookshelves. A truckload of people applied, but of course, only one got the position. SO! Who is my new co-blogger? 

Why, Jamie from Books and Ladders, of course!

I asked the lovely Jamie to introduce herself. Scroll down to read all about my newest partner in crime.

 (Fun fact: Jamie was actually the first to apply!)


"Hi everyone, my name is Jamie; thanks for taking the time to read this introduction to me. I am super excited to be the new co-blogger on Queen of the Bookshelves with Nicola! I feel like I probably got this because I told her my title is Queen so it'd be fitting for me to be a part of this blog. I cannot wait to share in this experience not only with Nicola, but with all of you guys too!

I am 22 (turning 23 in September) and have a degree in Political Science that sits in my parent's living room in a nice frame. I also have a post-graduate diploma in Human Resources Management. That one is up in my personal office though. I do a bit of social media consulting on the side, but mostly I am just reading one of the many unread books on my four bookshelves.

If you already follow me on Twitter and/or my blog, Books and Ladders, then you know I read a lot and am super obsessed with the Air Awakens series, the Storm Siren Trilogy, and the Trylle series (and if you don't already follow me, be prepared for a lot of tweets about those three!). I live, breathe, and sleep books (I have a pile on the left side of my bed since no one else sleeps there) and I am more than happy to talk to each and every one of you about books you love and/or books I love that you want to know more about! I am always down to chat about the subtext that Sirius and Remus were totes in love or that Thalia and Jason are the best brother-sister duo in fantasy books or any other topic you can come up with.

I can't wait to start this new journey with Nicola and I think the two of us plus all of you are going to be in for something extremely special."

Welcome to Queen of the Bookshelves, Jamie!  xo

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