Friday, 14 August 2015

Blogger Bonanza Chat: What Is It?

Blogger Bonanza Chat

A chat for bloggers, by bloggers.

Friends are important. Very important. As a blogger, I found it hard to make any blogger friends when I first began posting. The whole idea of just talking to another blogger was so incredibly daunting due to my anxiety and general worrying. I was a shiny new blogger on the block with nothing attached to my name and only 5 page-views. Who would want to talk to me? Let alone be friends with me!

But I needn't have worried. Not long into blogging I made friends and then that led to even more blogger friends and to more opportunities. But I know that not everyone is that lucky, which brings me to this: The Blogger Bonanza Chat.

For two weeks (Sundays at 2PM EST), I will be hosting a chat for bloggers both new and old on my Twitter account (@thewickedpowers). Why? For you to make some new bookish friends! Because bookish friends are the most awesome and everyone needs at least one book-loving friend. Come and connect with other like-minded bloggers and people. Of course, it's not limited to just bloggers. Everyone is invited. Anyone and everyone. Don't be shy! This is what holds most people back when they try to make new friends. Ask that author you love for an interview, write that daring blog post that's been on your mind for ages. Do a post where your favorite book characters are now represented by pictures of cats. Be big, be bold. And most importantly, have fun!

There will be fun questions, tips and help for new bloggers. But feel free to start your own questions and threads with the #BloggerBonanzaChat or #BBChat hashtags. After all, this is to plant those seeds of friendship and help them bloom.

 If anyone would like to help out, or write a guest post about their blogging beginnings or offer help and tips to bloggers new and old, feel free to ask! Not only is it spotlighting your blog, you're helping some lovely people out. 

The blogging and reading community is one big (sometimes crazy!) family, after all! And it makes me sad to think about that not everyone has blogger/bookish friends online to share their love of literature with.

Thank-you for reading and hopefully see you on Sunday! 


  1. I'm so excited for this chat! I'm not really a "new" blogger but I just started interacting with other bloggers and using my twitter and I am definitely in need of some helpful tips.

  2. Oh, how fun! I hope I can be around for the second chat :)