Open Blog Month

Open Blog Month

February. A brand-new month. And the start of Open Blog Month! What is that you ask? It is a chance to write guest posts on other blogs. What's the benefit of this? Here is a few examples:
  • A further reach.
  • More views on your own blog. 
  • Posting on an already established blog.
  • Make new friends! There's loads of benefits! 

The list will be constantly updated. So if you'd like to join in, shoot me a tweet at @thewickedpowers and I'll add you! And of course, I am partaking in this too. You can find my email in the Contact Me section of my blog. 

  This is the list of lovely people that are opening their blogs during the month of February for YOU to write on:

Wren @

Maryam @

Hannah @

Sarah @

Maha @

Ali @

Sabrina @ hiveretcafe.blogspot. can

Brianna & Angelina @

Nisha @

Quality Fangirls @

Claudia @

Mariam @

Angel @

Katie @

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