Wednesday, 26 August 2015

#FACSaturday & the return of #FAC16

Due to the overwhelming support of FAC16 (Fledgling Authors Chat 2016), we've decided to return before our planned final chat in January. So... what can you expect to see during this next round of chats?

  • The authors are now starting to receive swag and other goodies! And loads of them have very generously donated a mixture of signed and unsigned swag to be given away during this chat. 
  • We will be welcoming brand-new FAC16 authors into the fray. More Autumn and Winter releases! 
  • There will be a very special announcement during the chat. Won't say too much right now, but I assure you that it's well worth coming to see.
  • More fun questions! 
  • And of course, you'll be able to mingle with the lovely authors themselves AND meet other bloggers who are as excited as you are. 
#FAC16 will return...


We are BACK, baby! Sadly, just for one chat. But... if something falls through, it will be two chats. How exciting is that?

BUT! To fill those gaps between now and January, I'm proud to announce that #FACSaturday is happening. 

What is that, you ask?

During #FAC16, it's mayhem, basically. People miss out on certain books and authors because of how fast the tag is going. Naturally. So, in response to that, each Saturday (if nothing comes up) we will be spotlighting a certain #FAC16 book and author and chatting about it. This gives you the chance to:

  • Meet new bookish friends! 
  • Answer a few fun questions about the spotlighted book.
  • Support a brand-new author and spread excitement about their book.
  • Actually discover the book! There are a lot of #FAC16 books out there, so sadly we won't be able to cover ALL of them. But we will make a dent. 
  • Discuss the book, the theme, cover and what you're expecting to see/would like to see. 
  • As a bonus, the author might come along as well to answer any questions and gossip with us!
Of course, anyone and everyone is invited to attend and chat about the spotlighted book that weekend. It's all about fun, after all! Tell everyone, even your pets, to come along and help spread the news of these FANTASTIC new authors. If you have any posts about any of the authors, do feel free to share them so that I can post links to them. 

The first #FACSaturday will take place THIS Saturday. Times of other chats may change, so keep an eye on my Twitter account for updates.

Saturday the 29th of August at 2PM EST.

And the book we will be discussing is...


There will also be an INTERNATIONAL ARC GIVEAWAY OF THE CROWN'S GAME during this chat. Thank-you Evelyn! You never cease to make me squeal.

Read more about The Crown's Game right HERE.

Hope to see you at both chats! xo

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