Wednesday, 27 May 2015

REVIEW: Starborn by Lucy Hounson


Death and destruction will bar her way...

Kyndra's fate holds betrayal and salvation, but the journey starts in her small village. On the day she comes of age, she accidentally disrupts an ancient ceremony, ending centuries of tradition. So when an unnatural storm targets her superstitious community, Kyndra is blamed. She fears for her life until two strangers save her, by wielding powers not seen for an age - powers fuelled by the sun and the moon.

Together, they flee to the hidden citadel of Naris. And here, Kyndra experiences disturbing visions of the past, showing war and one man's terrifying response. She'll learn more in the city's subterranean chambers, amongst fanatics and rebels. But first Kyndra will be brutally tested in a bid to unlock her own magic.

If she survives the ordeal, she'll discover a force greater than she could ever have imagined. But could it create as well as destroy? And can she control it, to right an ancient wrong?
Publishing date: April 23rd 2015
Publisher: Tor UK
Pages: 400
Rating: half a heart

I saw this book on the shelf and was instantly drawn to it. The description, the intriguing first chapter, I bought it on the spot. I hurried home itching to delve into this beautiful sounding world and no-doubt exquisite storyline.


Starborn was, sadly, one of the most disappointing books I have ever read. I am bitterly regretting not looking at reviews before making my purchase. I barely got to page 100 before deciding that this book was going onto the DNF pile. 

The world-building was beyond lax, the characters so flat I could iron my clothes on them and the storyline... there was so much wrong with it. So much wrong with the characters too. Kynder was easily one of the most dullest heroines I have ever read about. There was so much that didn't make sense that in the end, I basically just gave up. I am saddened that TOR would publish this and actually promote the book as one of the most anticipated books of the year! Very saddened. 

I feel like a total b*tch with this review, but I honestly cannot find anything to like about it except the cover. (I'm sorry!) 

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