Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Off The Page Project: What is it?

First of all: What IS the Off the Page Project?

I write a lot. Way too much. I have a stack of WIPs higher than me, ranging from YA SciFi to Retellings to NA Fantasy. And I'd like to share my writing journey and experience with everyone. My triumphs, failures, everything. Think of this as a journal. 

There are many bloggers out there who are also writers like myself. No, not aspiring writers. Anyone who writes is a writer. Aspiring doesn't come into it. You write? Good, then you are a writer. I wanted to take this fun opportunity and extend it to others beside myself. There are no strict guidelines, no "you must post about this!" You decide the pace and decide what you're going to share. 

Here are some things that you could share: 

  • Your inspiration. 
  • Techniques you employ to keep yourself interested in your project. 
  • Your world building methods. 
  • How you create a character. 
  • Tips for dialogue.
  • Research tricks and advice.
  • Maps! Have you designed a map for your world?
And many more besides. I will be doing a weekly meme for those that would like to participate in sharing their writerly experiences. So feel free to join in with that! I will tweet when the first one is out/what it is. 

This project will, hopefully, highlight the different plotting methods and help others to perfect their own; encourage fellow young writers to keep on going; inspire others to take up writing and much, much more. It's a fun little project by writers for writers. 

Post one starting from now will be an introduction post where you tell people who you are and what you are currently working on (genre, etc).
And don't feel shy or like you're bragging! We are all at the bottom of the ladder that is the journey to publication. (Of course, you don't HAVE to be working towards the endgame of publication to join in!)
And most importantly: have fun! Post as often as you want, and about anything relating to writing. What you think as rambling just might be the inspiration someone else needs to continue. 

If you do tweet your post, please use the tag #OTPP so others can find your post! (And so I can RT!) And please head your post with the image at the top of this post. (Or design your own with the words on! That's super cool too!) If you have any questions, feel free to ask. 

Will you be joining in? Do let me know if you are! Or simply considering it!


  1. Hey, this looks so cool! I'd love to participate in it but the only WIP I am working on right now is supposed to be a secret until I finish it (which should motivate me to write it.. I guess..? the logic is a little flawed haha). Anyway, I *might* join but I'll keep an eye out for your posts and that of other bloggers because this looks pretty awesome!

  2. I might consider participating in this! But I've been having a really terrible case of writer's block on my latest WIP :( Though technically I could probably write about that... Great idea though!