Monday, 17 March 2014

MONDAY MEMORIES: Throne of Glass

Monday. Urgh, don't you just hate Mondays with a burning passion? But on the positive side, it's Monday Memories. What is that you ask? It's where we revisit an old favourite of ours. Book, that is.

Today, the book of Monday Memories is

Throne of Glass by the amazing Sarah J.Maas.

When I first saw this book when it came out, I shunned it instantly. Assassin books are not my taste. At all. But then Crown of Midnight came out and well... I soon regretted not picking this up when it very first came out.

Celaena Sardothien is, in my eyes, one of the greatest modern day YA heroines. Her character has faced so many hardships, yet overcomes them all. Miss. Maas has created a truly beautiful and complex young woman that all teenage girls should look up to. I see teenage girls on Twitter constantly reading Throne of Glass, and they have changed because of it. This book has the power to strengthen young girl's minds and make them stronger in every aspect. And that is an impossibly rare trait to see in a YA book in this day and age. 

The sequel, Crown of Midnight, did not disappoint either. In this book we see Celaena and her love interest Chaol, plus Prince Dorian face more dangers. Dangers that can and will affect them all. 
The romance between Chaol and Celaena is the perfect balance you need for a successful YA book. Sizzling at times, Chaolaena are a pairing that will never be dismissed as cringey or any other demeaning phrase. 

The Throne of Glass books were in my Top 5 Favorites of 2013, and when Heir of Fire comes out later this year, I'm sure that will be a favourite of 2014 also.
This has been MONDAY MEMORIES and this week was Throne of Glass. Peace out.  

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