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COVER REVEAL AND INTERVIEW: Mortal Gods by Kendare Blake

The day is finally upon us! The cover of the long-anticipated sequel to ANTIGODDESS has arrived! MORTAL GODS. And it’s gorgeous. You’ll see yourself in a moment.

But first, we have an interview with the lovely author, Kendare Blake herself. Yes, really. The queen of spooky books and everything that goes bump in the night has allowed little old us here at FangirlDaily/Pandemonium Books the chance to get to know her better. You wanna read it? Well scroll right on. Pillows to hide behind while you read this interview are not included. 
(spoilers for ANTIGODDESS ahead)

FD: What was your reaction when you first saw the MORTAL GODS cover? It’s very different to its predecessor after all. 
Kendare: Well, I just saw it for the first time today! My first impression was, wait, is that Cassandra? Cassandra’s not blond! And then I thought, but look at those colors. All caramelly and chocolate and gold…the blond looks fantastic with those colors! And I want a Milky Way bar.
FD: All of your books so far have a recurring dark theme about them. Will you always write stories with such creepy characters, or will we see something lighter in the future?
Kendare: Not all will be creepy. But I think all will be dark. Violent, and/or depressing and/or strange/weird/unsettling. Unless, I don’t know, I see a therapist or something. 
FD: I think everyone wants to know this; did you cry writing the end of ANTIGODDESS?  And will there be tears for us readers in MORTAL GODS?
Kendare: Ha! I did not. But I knew that was going to happen. I generally don’t know how the books are going to end, but this time, I knew. The last line was written before the first. So I had time to prepare. As for future tears, I can’t tell you that. Because I like the tears to be a surprise. 
I can tell you that I didn’t anticipate how difficult it would be to kill him. I knew he’d die but not exactly how, and that was rough. And I can tell you that no one is safe. 
FD: What is the one reaction you expect to see from readers when they read MORTAL GODS?
Kendare: Maybe this: “Oh no she DIDN’T!” and “YOU BETTER NOT!” and “Achilles! Yay!….wait, what?” I guess that’s three reactions. But this was a fun question.
FD: Do you have any weird habits?
Kendare: Of course! I compulsively turn on the Food Network when I need background noise. And though I am a fairly calm, sedate person, my leg shakes almost constantly. Drives people nuts. 
FD: If you could live inside any book, which would you choose and why?
Kendare: Maybe the Vampire Chronicles, but only if I got to be a vampire. Or His Dark Materials, because I want a daemon of my own!  I suppose a few of Joe Hill’s books would be cool, but I’d just run around screaming in terror all the time.
giant thank you to Kendare for answering our questions! I feel like this is Kendare when someone reads her books

and this is us. Her readers.

Now… onwards to the cover reveal.
Actually, no- we’re going to stall you once more. But it’s for a good reason, believe me.
ANTIGODDESS has a new cover! We’re all familiar with the simple, yet somehow chilling cover with the feather on, a drop of blood splashing into the water below. But no more. Behold, the NEW cover.

 Bh1_DLCCEAAm0ry (1)
MORTAL GODS will be out in hardback on the 2nd of September, and the new paperback of ANTIGODDESS in August.
You can pre-order MORTAL GODS on 
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Well here we are. Can’t put it off any longer now, can we? Presenting…


Damn! Isn’t that one SCORCHING cover?! Am I the only one thinking that Zeus is a major player in this book? Because those are some mean-assed lightning bolts up there among what seems to be a ruined temple. Hold onto your seats guys, it’s going to be a bummmmmpy ride. 
Don’t forget- YOU can win an ARC of MORTAL GODS. How you ask? By simply sharing this cover on sites such as Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, and letting Kendare know! You can contact her at her Twitter.
After the agonizing end of ANTIGODDESS, who knows what torture awaits us in MORTAL GODS?  The Twilight of the Gods continues and we here at FangirlDaily/Pandemonium Books are petrified. Well and truly.
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