Thursday 3 December 2015


When sixteen-year-old Eden Munro agrees to spend the summer with her estranged father in the beachfront city of Santa Monica, California, she has no idea what she’s letting herself in for. Eden's parents are divorced and have gone their separate ways, and now her father has a brand new family. For Eden, this means she's about to meet three new step-brothers. The eldest of the three is Tyler Bruce, a troubled teenager with a short temper and a huge ego. Complete polar opposites, Eden quickly finds herself thrust into a world full of new experiences as Tyler's group of friends take her under their wing. But the one thing she just can't understand is Tyler, and the more she presses to figure out the truth about him, the more she finds herself falling for the one person she shouldn't – her step-brother.

Throw in Tyler's clingy girlfriend and a guy who has his eyes set on Eden, and there's secrets, lies and a whole lot of drama. But how can Eden keep her feelings under control? And can she ever work out the truth about Tyler? 

Did I Mention I Love You is the first book in the phenomenal DIMILY trilogy, following the lives of Eden Munro and Tyler Bruce as they try to find their way in an increasingly confusing world.

Author: Estelle Maskame
Series: Did I Mention I Love You #1
Source: eARC via the Publisher
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Publication Date: December 1, 2015
Rating: 4/5 stars
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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I super enjoyed this one. I was a little skeptical because I was like "Am I going to find it weird that stepsiblings fall in love?" but it was handled perfectly. I loved *almost* everything about Eden and Tyler and their complicated relationship.
The one thing I did not love about Eden and Tyler was that Eden was half in love with him because he was a mystery. I would have liked for them to find out a bit more about one another before they kissed for the first time. Rather than it be just about the fact that he was interesting and infuriating for Eden, I wanted it to be because she got to see a bit more of what was behind his walls. Otherwise I thought the progression of their relationship was natural.

I really liked Eden. She felt real. I liked that she had her own personal demons to work out and that she wasn't just head over heels for Tyler from minute one. She was experimenting and trying new things. I also liked that she was self-conscious about everything in her life -- but so were all the other girls. It made them feel like actual teenagers. 

I didn't like the portrayal of Tiffani, although I do know some girls may fake being pregnant (or actual get pregnant) to have their boyfriends stay. I just thought she was written too much as the "crazy girlfriend" instead of being a well developed individual. 

I liked all the rest of the characters and their friendships. I thought their hierarchy was well written and made tons of sense for how high school friendships work. I think I would have liked to see a bit more of Rachael and Trevor though instead of just hearing about it. But it WAS nice to hear about everyone else's relationships rather than just hear about Tyler and Eden or Tyler and Tiffani all the time. It made the story feel more natural.

I am already impatiently waiting for DIMINY and seriously contemplating ordering it from a UK site just so I can have it NOW. I need to know what happens next. I never thought I would get so attached to these characters, but I AM.

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