Saturday, 5 September 2015

#FACSATURDAY Recap #2: OF FIRE AND STARS by Audrey Coulthurst

#FACSaturday Spotlight
OF FIRE AND STARS by Audrey Coulthurst

Today's #FACSaturday chat, hosted by me! (it was nerve wracking), featured OF FIRE AND STARS by Audrey Coulthurst! For those of you who want to know more about the book, check out this post to see a full summary and to enter the SIGNED ARC GIVEAWAY! Again, I'm doing a quick summary of the chat and the buzz around this book for those of you that missed it -- or for those of you that found it was difficult to keep up with the chat. Check out the questions and answers below!
Emily Skrutskie started us off with a doodle of OF FIRE AND STARS and it was magical and wonderful and a great way to get into the spirit of the story...
First up was general impressions of the story: what are you curious to find out about while reading OF FIRE AND STARS? Some of my favourite answers were...

We moved onto talking about horses since they are central to the story. I asked what everyone thought that role may be. There was a wide variety of answers...

Spinning off of that, I asked people to send me pictures of their favourite horses! (Honestly, I got a lot and only included a few but there are more in the #FACSaturday hashtag)

Since this is a dual point of view book, I just had to know who everyone was excited to read through. Most people agreed...

We also see a lot of characters that all interact with one another, I asked what everyone thought the character's personalities would be like. Some of my favourite answers were...

Then we moved onto the magic (because I don't think I can have a conversation without talking about magic). I asked why people thought Denna had to hide her magic and how they thought it would be revealed. Some answers were...

And my final question for everyone was: What do you hope Dennaleia and Amaranthine's first interaction will be like? And some of my favourite meet-cute moments that people thought of were...

And finally, Audrey revealed something extremely special and amazing. PINTEREST BOARDS for her characters!

It was a super fun chat and I enjoyed talking to all of y'all. A huge thank you to everyone who participated! If you missed this one, tell us in the comments how you think Denna and Mare will meet. I'm excited to see you theories :)

See y'all next week (September 12th, 2015 at 2pm EDT) when we talk about 

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