Monday, 15 June 2015

BookCon Mail

A super speedy and short update! Well, haul! Righty-o! So my lovely friend Danielle over at Simply Thoughtful Books utterly made my weekend. Why? Because of THESE PRETTIES! They're so gorgeous, right?! I just HAD to share them with you. Within the pile of goodness, there's Shadowhunter swag galore and even an ARC of EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING by Nicola Yoon! (And it's signed! YAY!) Also, 29 pages of LADY MIDNIGHT?! Yes, that was the first thing I read. I screamed as I read it, no regrets. The wait for that book is killing me and for real. It's like Jem's situation: the more I get of Lady Midnight, the more I live... but also die. Lady Midnight aka Yin Fen.

Emma is going to be my new girl crush, I just know it. Danielle has also sent me a poster but it's not here yet. Keep an eye out for the pretty!

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