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REVIEW: Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas

Title: Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3)

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Genre (s): Fantasy and romance

Publisher:  Bloomsbury

Published: September 2nd 2014

Stars: Five MASSIVE ones


Lost and broken, Celaena Sardothien’s only thought is to avenge the savage death of her dearest friend: as the King of Adarlan’s Assassin, she is bound to serve this tyrant, but he will pay for what he did. Any hope Celaena has of destroying the king lies in answers to be found in Wendlyn. Sacrificing his future, Chaol, the Captain of the King’s Guard, has sent Celaena there to protect her, but her darkest demons lay in that same place. If she can overcome them, she will be Adarlan’s biggest threat – and his own toughest enemy. 

While Celaena learns of her true destiny, and the eyes of Erilea are on Wendlyn, a brutal and beastly force is preparing to take to the skies. Will Celaena find the strength not only to win her own battles, but to fight a war that could pit her loyalties to her own people against those she has grown to love? 



 ”She was the heir of ash and fire-”


This book was totally and utterly completely different to its predecessors. HEIR OF FIRE was a non-stop thrill ride, but in other ways than THRONE OF GLASS and CROWN OF MIDNIGHT.

HEIR OF FIRE focuses on the lives of four characters – Celaena, Chaol, Dorian and a brand new character, the witch Manon. 

Celaena faces very different issues this book.  Where the last two books are world builders, in a sense, this one is all about character development. And boy does Celaena do some developing! At the end of CROWN OF MIDNIGHT, we see Celaena on her way to Wendlyn, her home kingdom. The kingdom of the fae and her surviving family.

In Wendlyn, we meet a whole new bunch of new characters. Celaena gets herself into more deep, dark trouble and subsequently kicks ass. Of course.  Our heroine grows a LOT. Both mentally and physically. By the end of HEIR OF FIRE, your heart is pounding as if you’re in the book itself. It draws you in and sinks its claws deep into you.

The most notable new characters are Manon Blackbeak and Rowan Whitethorn.

If you attended Celaena’s special birthday livestream, you’ll already be familiar with Manon’s nature. Violent nature, I should add. She is amazing. There is a fine line between sadistic and bloodthirsty, and I’m still not sure which category she falls into. She’s just so intricate, bloody and downright amazing. Also, because of her, I’d very much like to open a wyvern sanctuary. SAVE THE WYVERNS! And give one to me. Please.  

Anyway, back to Manon.  She’s amazing and seriously, she’s going to grow on you to the point you flick back through the book just to reread her parts. She and Abraxos are the most adorable (?) thing ever. It feels weird calling them cute, but they actually are. Get ready for Manon! She’s going to blow you away and gouge your eyes out with iron nails.

Next up… Rowan Whitethorn. 

I could talk about him all day long and not get bored once. Intricate and perfectly lickable, Rowan will blow your underwear off, and that’s not an exaggeration. 

Without going into detail, Rowan is the fae warrior you want to see working out while he’s half naked. HEIR OF FIRE would not have been so amazing without him (and Manon) at all.  He adds so many elements to the book that haven’t been in the previous ones. If anything, he and Celaena remind me of Romitri (Rose and Dimitri from the Vampire Academy books) with how they interact and their whole relationship. It’s totally unique to the two characters and quite frankly, their scenes together are the best parts of the book. A pupil and her (sexy) mentor.

Chaol and Dorian are both in the HEIR OF FIRE as well, but not as much as Celaena. They both have their own story lines, issues and inner demons. Romance is featured in the book, but certainly not as prominent as the last two books. This book is all about character development, and it is beautiful.

This book gets all my love and hugs and kisses and squishes. I love it so much. Even if it is so very different to the last two books. There is so much more to say, but details/SPOILERS. You wait guys, you wait. It’s fiery and explosive, and I mean that literally. 

Massive 5 stars and I’m anxiously awaiting book 4 after such a climatic ending!!

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