#FAC16 (Fledgling Authors Chat 2016) is a chat for the debut authors of 2016. What does it involve? Fun, fun and fun! During the chats and posts about it, we chat to the debut authors and spread awareness of their book to all corners of the blogosphere. All posts and interview and reviews about FAC16 and its authors are listed below.

Posts about #FAC16

#FACSaturday & the return of #FAC16
WAITING ON WEDNESDAY: Beyond The Red by Ava Jae
Over But Not Forgotten: #FAC16 (Co-blogger Jamie)
Last Stop: #FAC16 (Co-blogger Jamie)
Round Two: #FAC16 (Co-blogger Jamie)
Round Three: #FAC16 (Co-Blogger Jamie)
Top 20: #FAC16 (Co-blogger Jamie)

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