Saturday, 29 August 2015


#FACSaturday Spotlight
THE CROWN'S GAME by Evelyn Skye
Today my lovely co-blogger Nicola hosted the first #FACSaturday chat with a spotlight feature of THE CROWN'S GAME by Evelyn Skye! For those of you who want to know more about the book, check out this post to see a full summary and information about joining The Tsar's Guard, Evelyn's Street Team! (I have signed up because 1) can't wait for this book and 2) WHAT A COOL NAME) I have decided to do a quick summary of the chat and the buzz around this book for those of you that missed it -- or for those of you that found it was difficult to keep up with the chat. Check out the questions and answers below...
Once everyone introduced themselves, it was all about the magic. Everyone was asked if they could have a magical power, what would it be? Some of my favourite answers were...

First impressions are a big deal, so the second question asked everyone what their first impressions of THE CROWN'S GAME were when they heard about it. For the record, mine was to IMMEDIATELY PREORDER IT (which wasn't possible at the time, but is now! I have left the links for this at the bottom of the post). Some of the other answers were...

Romance is always a key component to people's enjoyment of the novel, so the next question centred around that asking people what they wanted out of the romance between Vika and Nikolai's relationship. Here's what people thought...

World building is pretty huge with fantasy novels so of course the next question focused on what people expected to get out of the novel, whether it be fantastical magic, immersion in the time period, or something else entirely! People are really hoping for...

And last but not least people were asked what they thought the mysterious Tsar would be like. Some of their initial impressions were...

 And at the end of the chat, Evelyn filled us in on some EXCITING information!

Congratulations to Evelyn on her international sales! I cannot wait until Fall to see the cover of THE CROWN'S GAME, which is going to be beautiful!

It was a super fun chat and I enjoyed talking to all of y'all. A huge thank you to everyone who participated! If you missed this one, tell us in the comments what you are hoping for out of THE CROWN'S GAME.

And if you were super impressed by what we talked about today, why not preorder the book!
Amazon UK | Amazon US

See y'all next week (September 5th, 2015 at 2pm EDT) when we talk about 
OF FIRE AND STARS by Audrey Coulthurst!

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  1. Weeee! Thanks for featuring my tweets and also the amazing job you did hosting #FACSaturday! I can't wait for next week! :D